Figures. WaPo Defends Obama's Tee Time But Attacked Bush For Golfing After Suicide Bombing… In Israel

Yesterday Barack Obama compared the Gulf oil spill to 9-11… Then he went golfing for 4 hours.

Today, the WaPo blog Post Partisan defended Obama.

Seems President Obama on Sunday compared the BP oil spill to 9/11, then went golfing for four hours. At least that’s the sort of crack reporting that Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft offered his readers yesterday. Hoft’s dismissive, one-word take: “Leadership.” My reaction: So what?

Surely even the president deserves — and probably needs — some downtime, even now. Weeks spent clearing brush back at the ranch in Hyde Park might be pushing it. But an afternoon on the back nine doesn’t bother me. And whenever Obama does take a few hours off, there will always be enough going on in the world against which to juxtapose his leisure to enable the Jim Hofts of the Internet to take their cheap shots. It was unfair when Michael Moore did this to George W. Bush. And it’s unfair for Hoft to do it to Barack Obama.

Oh really? After he just compared the oil spill to 9-11?


Of course, the Washington Post was never this easy on Bush.
In fact back in 2002 they attacked President Bush for golfing because there was a suicide bombing that day… In Israel!

And, they wonder why people don’t trust their lib paper?

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