Far Left Rockers Record "Si Se Puede" In Support of Illegal Immigrants

What a shock. Far left rockers Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson and the Mexican group Mana have joined together to record songs in support of illegal immigrants.

Carlos Santana sports his Che T-shirt at the Oscars.

The Washington Post reported, via FOX Nation:

Four summers ago, a handful of Spanish-speaking radio disc jockeys helped bring hundreds of thousands of Latino marchers to the streets of Los Angeles and other cities to support immigration reform.

Now, in what is partly a sign of the growing clout of U.S. Latinos both as voters and cultural consumers, a number of prominent artists, both Latino and non-Latino, are urging a boycott of Arizona’s controversial new statute that requires law enforcement officials to determine the status of people they suspect are illegal immigrants whom they’ve stopped or detained for other reasons.

Several musicians, including Carlos Santana, Willie Nelson and the Mexican pop-rock band Mana, are recording songs in support of the millions of immigrants, mainly from Mexico and other parts of Latin America, living in the United States, whatever their legal status.

These folks are coming to us the way immigrants have always come to us. We really need to welcome these people,” Nelson said in a phone interview, explaining why he took part in recording the song “Si Se Puede,” colloquially translated as “Yes We Can.”

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