Disgusting… Leftist TEACHERS Hold Antiwar Signs at Assembly Honoring Students Joining the Military

The ugly side of liberalism…
Two crazed anti-American teachers held anti-war signs during a high school assembly honoring 6 students who signed up to join the military.

Teacher Marybeth Verani said, “I’m showing students in a democracy how to exercise dissent.”

These teachers should have been fired on the spot. They should never be allowed to work around children.
How disgusting and completely selfish.

FOX Nation links to video here.
WBZTV reported:

Two teachers at Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School have touched off a firestorm after holding up an “End War” sign at a school assembly where six students who’ve enlisted in the military were being honored.

Many in the community say the teachers crossed a line and treated their own students with disrespect.

The students received a standing ovation, but at that point the two teachers sat down refusing to clap.

Teacher Marybeth Verani defends her protest saying, “I’m showing students in a democracy how to exercise dissent.”

Some students responded by leafleting her classroom with signs saying “Support Our Troops.”

It would only be right it the high school students held up signs any time these crazy teachers opened their fat liberal mouths.

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