Unreal… DEMS VOTE TO KILL US MANUFACTURING & Support New EPA Regulations

Jobs?….. Who Needs Jobs?
The Democrats in the US Senate just rejected a bid to stop the radical Obama Administration from further strangling manufacturing and business in the United States.

The vote was 53-47.
53 Democrats rejected a bid by Republicans to block the new restrictions on American manufacturing!
The AP reported:

The Senate has rejected a bid to stop the Obama administration from imposing regulations on greenhouse gases, giving a boost to President Barack Obama as he pursues broader clean energy legislation.

Senators turned back a resolution that would have rescinded the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Supporters of the measure, mostly Republicans, argued that the EPA had usurped the authority of Congress to set climate policy and that the EPA regulations would increase energy costs and kill jobs.

But the White House, which threatened to veto the measure, said depriving the EPA of its ability to regulate carbon and other greenhouse emissions would result in greater dependence on oil and more pollution.

The unemployment rate is at a horrendous 9.7%.
Democrats want it to go higher.

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