Dems Put Themselves in Awkward Spot After Calling Hero Petraeus a Liar in 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called General Petraeus a liar back in 2007.

Reid told reporters that General Petraeus was not telling the truth about the Iraq War and the successful Bush Surge of troops. Of course, Harry “This war is lost” Reid was the one lying. The Bush Surge was one of the most successful military campaigns in US history.

With today’s confirmation hearing of General Petraeus, Americans will once again be reminded of the Democrat’s disgusting attempts to discredit General Petraeus and to surrender Iraq to the Al-Qaeda terrorists.
The Hill reported:

President Barack Obama’s nomination of Gen. David Petraeus has put some Democrats in a politically awkward position.

While Senate Democrats are expected to rally behind Petraeus to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal as the top commander in Afghanistan, they must also ask tough questions about when the U.S. will withdraw troops from the war-torn country.

Many on the left are impatient with the Afghanistan war, and some Democrats are nervous much of their base may not show up to vote in this year’s midterm elections.

Meanwhile, Republicans who are looking to drive a wedge between Democratic leaders and the liberal base have pointed to critical statements Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other leaders made about Petraeus a couple of years ago.

During the 2007 surge in Iraq, anti-war Democrats — most notably — strongly criticized Petraeus.

Liberal advocacy groups and senators at the time accused Petraeus of misrepresenting the success of the surge of nearly 40,000 troops.

Two years later, the four-star general is widely credited for turning around the war in Iraq and holds strong respect among Republicans. And Obama’s decision to replace McChrystal was made easier by his selection of Petraeus, who is expected to be confirmed swiftly.

The balancing act for Democrats begins Tuesday when the Senate Armed Services Committee is scheduled to hold its confirmation hearing on Petraeus.

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