Claire McCaskill Forced to Apologize for Aide's "Brownshirt" Comments

Far Left Senator Claire McCaskill was forced to apologize after an aide compared tea party protesters to Nazi “brownshirts.”
St. Louis Today reported:

Elected officials and legislative aides take note: If you’re planning on using the Third Reich as an analogy for the fight over health care or another contentious political issue, sit down and write the apology first.

The comparison seldom translates — and is usually followed by regret.

The latest example is from U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office, where a conservative blog caught an aide suggesting that the tactics of healthcare opponents are similiar to those used by the Nazis to gain power.

The comments, caught on video supplied by the site 24th State, were made by McCaskill field representative Bob Burns.

Though the date of the video is unclear, Burns is apparently talking to a room full of health care supporters about Tea Party, or Tea Party-like, activists.

“Someone said ‘brownshirts’…People got offended with that,” Burns said. “But if you look at history, when Hitler took over Germany, he did it just that way: disrupting meetings, screaming — and then it got violent. But they were always a minority.”

On Friday, a day after the video was posted on 24th State, McCaskill’s office e-mailed an apology to the blog author, which was also posted.

Congrats to 24th State for catching the offensive remarks on video.

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