Chavez Protesters in Venezuela Carry Stalin, Lenin & Marx Posters

No wonder Hollywood and the American left love him!
The Chavistas (Hugo Chavez lackeys) held a protest outside the Chamber of Commerce Building in the state of Lara, Venezuela this month.
But, this protest was different.

The Real Cuba reported:

June 18 – Earlier this week, a group of ‘chavistas’ staged a protest in front of the Chamber of Commerce of the state of Lara, Venezuela.

The protesters were mobilized using government vehicles.

The pro-Chávez thugs defaced the front of the building with graffiti, writing signs on the walls calling the members of the Chamber of Commerce “fascists”, “murderers” and “terrorists” and asking for the regime to confiscate their businesses without compensation.

And this time the chavistas were not carrying posters with the photo of Simon Bolívar, like they used to do when their leader was portraying himself as democratic and nationalistic.

Now, the pro-Chávez thugs were carrying signs with the photos of Stalin, one of the world’s worst mass murderers, Lenin, Marx and Engels.

Here’s a close-up of the Chavez protesters with their Stalin signs:

Meanwhile… In the US, Obama’s SEIU lackeys regularly threaten the US Chamber of Commerce.

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