Bush-Basher Paul McCartney: Not Just Rude, But Wrong

Those Obamas sure seem to like it when people from foreign countries say insulting things about Americans in the highest houses of our government.
Sir Paul would be the latest.

Too bad the cameras weren’t on the Obama’s after that Bush attack. You know they were chuckling along with all the other radicals at the party.

It turns out that the ignorant one was Paul McCartney.
Laura Bush is a librarian. She and her husband made a mini-cause of supporting literacy and public libraries both in Texas and in Washington DC.
Charles Lane at the WaPo’s Post Partisan Blog reported:

There are many things of which Bush may be fairly accused. It would be boring to list them all. My point here, however, is that those who smugly deride his ostensible ignorance often inadvertently demonstrate their own.

And so it was with McCartney’s obnoxious crack, which was not only nasty, and totally inappropriate to the occasion, but also perfectly uninformed. Bush’s wife Laura is a librarian. She and her husband made a mini-cause of supporting literacy and public libraries, both when he was governor of Texas and when he was president.

The Bush administration oversaw creation of a federal grant program to train a new generation of librarians. It’s called the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, and it has awarded $130 million to date. During Bush’s presidency, federal funding for public libraries grew from $163.2 million per year to $212.2 million per year – a 30 percent increase.

In mocking the boorishness of a former U.S. president, Sir Paul, and those who roared at his remark, unfortunately demonstrated their own.

Hat Tip American Glob

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