Blogger Face-Off: The Obama Administration's Response to the Gaza Flotilla Incident

The Hill invites two established bloggers from either side of the political spectrum to sound off on a designated topic in original commentary each Saturday. This week, they asked myself and Adam Horowittz from Mondoweiss to take on the White House reaction to the controversial May 31 Israeli raid on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza, in which nine of the flotilla workers were killed and seven Israeli commandos were injured. They chose us because we had both been following the story although Adam, a far left loon, omitted several facts in telling his side of the story:

Blogger face-off: Obama administration’s response to the Gaza flotilla incident

Here is my article on the Obama’s pathetic response to the the Gaza Flotilla raid:

Obama defends jihad and hurls stun grenades at U.S.-Israel relations

by Jim Hoft

Do you remember when Jesse Jackson said that under Obama Jews would lose all of their clout?

He was right.  In truth, Jews will be lucky if they only lose their clout during the Obama years.

We have never witnessed a more anti-Israel administration in U.S. history. Since President Barack Obama took office he announced a shift in U.S. relations with the Jewish state, and he wasn’t kidding. Obama reportedly refused to dine with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he has refused all military requests since entering office, he has worked with Egypt and Russia to rid Israel of nuclear weapons, and he’s defended jihad. Just last week Obama posed for photos with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the White House, but back in March Barack Obama would not allow any photos taken of him with Netanyahu when he came to the White House for a visit.  It’s no wonder, then, that after a year in office he has lost almost half of his Jewish support.

Obama’s reaction to the Gaza flotilla attack was no less upsetting and bizarre. Even before the ships left port the Israelis and Americans knew that they were up to no good. Coincidentally, Barack Obama’s old pals Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, top bundler Jodie Evans, and his radical buddy Rashid Khalidi are all linked to the flotilla. Bülent Yildirim, the main organizer of the Gaza Flotilla, spoke at a Hamas rally held in Gaza in February 2009 and told the crowd that, “The day has come to remove the embargo on Gaza, Allah willing.” The purpose of the flotilla was always about ending the blockade on Gaza. It was never about feeding starving children. It was about aiding Hamas.

Days before the Gaza flotilla raid the Obama administration instructed Israel to use caution and restraint with the aid boats. They offered this advice knowing that the boats were loaded with radical Islamists. This advice put the Israeli soldiers in grave danger. They weren’t expecting what happened next. When the Israelis boarded the Mavi Marmara all hell broke loose. The armed “peace activists” beat Israeli soldiers with chains and threw stun grenades. They brutally attacked the Israelis with pipes, metal rods, chairs and knives. They tried to kidnap and kill the Israeli soldiers. This was no love boat. In the end, nine “peace activists” were killed in the raid and several activists and Israeli soldiers were wounded.

So what was the reaction at the Obama White House to the attack on the Israeli soldiers?  Well, they certainly didn’t stand up for Israel.  In fact, they immediately told Benjamin Netanyahu to go back to Israel and not use the White House as a backdrop for his comments on the attack. Obama told reporters that the blockade was unsustainable, something even Abbas disagreed with. Two days after the raid, the Obama administration refused to support Israel. And then they called for an investigation even though it had been widely reported that the ship was loaded with terrorists and thugs.

Is this any way to treat America’s most important ally in the Middle East? Of course not. Is it surprising considering the Obama record? No.  Is it reprehensible? Yes.

Last week it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Israelis were disappointed by Obama’s response to the raid. They’re getting used to it.  Obama is losing the trust of Jewish voters. His pathetic reaction to the Gaza flotilla raid won’t help him any.

Please go read Adam’s response here. What he lacks in facts, he makes up for in far left blame-the-Jew drivel.

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