Barack Obama's Golf Oil Spill – Days 1 thru 42 (Video) …Update: Obama & McCartney Sing "Hey Crude" (Video)

Barack Obama’s Golf Oil Spill

Crude oil has already been reported along barrier islands in Alabama and Mississippi, and has impacted about 125 miles of Louisiana coastline. Today the oil slick is expected to reach the pristine white sand beaches of Pensacola Beach, Florida.
Plug the damned hole.

He cares… He really cares.
Don’t believe me. Believe the photo op:

Maggie’s Farm – The real picture of the O at the Louisiana beach, above. That’s a real news photo, but the widely-distributed image was just a posed propaganda shot for the sycophantic media. “Message: I care.”

UPDATE: You gotta love it…
Perfunction put this together- Obama and McCartney sing “Hey Crude” to White House party-goers:

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