1,000 Patriots Turn Out at Warren County Tea Party (Video)

Despite the storm warnings, heat and humidity 1,000 patriots turned out at the Warren County Tea Party in Warrenton, Missouri tonight.

(Left to Right) Dr. Gina Loudon, myself, my niece Brooke, Jim Durbin and Dana Loesch spoke at the rally.

These young patriots were more excited about the hotdogs and hamburgers than the speakers. Oh well.

New media sensation Dana Loesch revved up the crowd at the Warren County Fairgrounds.


The music started at 5:00 PM speakers began at around 6:00 PM.
The Guest Speakers included:
Jim Hoft/The Gateway Pundit,
Dana Loesch,
Rep. Brian Nieves,
James Greyfalcon,
Bill Federer,
Michelle Moore,
Fred Heberer,
Dr. Gina Loudon
Patch W. Adams/ The P/Oed Patriot, and more….
Adam Sharp from SharpElbows.Net emceed the event.
There were free raffles, live entertainment, food and drink.

Michelle Moore also spoke tonight at the rally.

Dana, Brooke, Jim and Gina.

Here’s my speech: “We Didn’t Start This Revolution”

A drum and fife corps closed out the rally.
It was great fun. The weather decided to cooperate. The speeches were terrific and crowd was excited. Congratulations to the Warren County Patriots for a great event tonight.

Mark from Keyboard Militia has more photos from the rally.

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