Western Media Forgets to Mention That "Gaza Flotilla" Is a Terror-Linked Organization (Video)

The so-called peaceful leftists and Pro-Gaza activists who attacked the Israeli soldiers today with pipes, metal rods and chairs belong to a terrorist-linked organization. The International Humanitarian Fund (IHH), which plays a central role in organizing the Gaza Flotilla, is a Turkish humanitarian relief fund with a radical Islamic anti-Western orientation. The president of IHH (Bulent Yildirim) recruited “Jihad warriors” and transferred firearms, and explosives to Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists organizations.

For some strange reason the state-run media forgot to mention this in their reports today?

Here is one video that shows the Gaza Flotilla activists chanting “Kill the Jews”.
Via Palestinian Media Watch:

From the video: Gaza flotilla participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews. The name Khaibar mentioned in battle cry was the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad’s army in 628. The battle marked the end of Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor for future wars against Jews. At gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims.


One Jerusalem reported more on the terror-linked organization today:

In the wake of the deadly battle at sea, Israel has been telling the world that the prime sponsor of the so-called “Gaza Flotilla” is a terrorist linked organization. Many news organizations, (including the New York Times, Reuters, and the British Broadcasting Corporation), are ignoring this charge and continue to refer the so-called victims as peaceful Palestinian advocates.

A week ago, the Republic of Cyprus denied the flotilla any access to its ports. Despite some international criticism, the Cypriot government did not want to be party to a dangerous scheme by a confrontation minded group.The Cypriots clearly did their homework  – something that the news media did not.

A quick search of Internet reveals that Turkish based International Humanitarian Fund (IHH) is embedded with terrorists and their organizations. Like Hamas they provide humanitarian aid but their clients include Al Qaeda, Hamas, etc. Turkish security forces raided the Istanbul office of IHH. IHH activists were arrested, and Turkish security forces found explosives, manuals, and weapons. (For authoritative information on IHH click here.)

According to the French intelligence, the president of IHH (Bulent Yildirim) recruited “Jihad warriors” and transferred firearms, and explosives to Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists organizations. IHH has also been fingered for producing documents so Islamic terrorists can travel by air posing as relief workers. And IHH was involved with the terrorist who tried to smuggle 1320 pounds of explosives to be used to blow up Los Angeles International Airport.

This is a partial picture of the forces challenging Israel. These are people who are determined to destroy the Jewish State. These facts are not being broadcast in the many hours of news time being given to the Flotilla story.

And, The Weekly Standard reported that the terror linked group transferred millions of dolllars to Hamas:

The Turkish nonprofit belongs to a Saudi-based umbrella organization known to finance terrorism called the Union of Good (Ittilaf al-Kheir in Arabic). Notably, the Union is chaired by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, who is known best for his religious ruling that encourages suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. According to one report, Qardawi personally transferred millions of dollars to the Union in an effort to provide financial support to Hamas.

Don’t expect to see this in any of the Western media reports on the incident.

NewsBusters has a roundup of media reaction to the ambush on the Israeli soldiers.

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