Illegal Immigrant From Pakistan Arrested on Terrorism Charges in Boston

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Funny. This doesn’t seem to be getting much play from the democratic-media complex?
That’s weird.
Terror suspect So Pir Khan from Pakistan was in the US illegally.

Pir Khan, a cousin of Aftab Ali Khan, also married an American bride: Rebecca May Barry, in 2008. At a hearing Tuesday in Khan’s case, Barry shed tears and avoided reporters. (

Local authorities knew an accomplice of the Times Square bomber was living here in the US illegally.
Judicial Watch reported:

In an alarming example of how sanctuary cities can protect terrorists, a Pakistani man arrested for the Time Square bombing admitted on a city license application that he entered the U.S. illegally and authorities took no action.

That’s because he applied for the cabbie license in a state (Massachusetts) that openly protects illegal immigrants from deportation. Local law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts have don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies regarding illegal aliens and in this case the Boston Police Department has for years known that the terrorist, So Pir Khan, was in the country illegally.

Khan was recently arrested in an FBI terror sweep for his involvement in the Time Square bombing earlier this month. The Boston cab driver is one of three men who funneled money to the fellow Pakistani terrorist (Faisal Shahzad) who tried to blow up New York’s Time Square with a series of bombs hidden in a sports utility vehicle.

When Khan applied for a license to drive a taxi, he admitted in writing that he had come to the United States illegally in 1991. The application was submitted to Boston Police but no action was ever taken. Khan easily obtained the cabbie license and regularly drove around one of the nation’s busiest airports with few restrictions. In fact the Boston Police Hackney Division approved Khan’s license to drive a taxi 13 times since he first applied in 1997.

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