Unreal. Obama Lectures Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero on Reining in Debt

The man has some gall.
Barack Obama lectured (fellow) socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero of Spain today on reining in the country’s debt. This comes from the same man who just tripled the US national deficit in less than one year.


The AFP reported:

US President Barack Obama spoke to Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Tuesday on the debt crisis and discussed reforms needed to rescue the Spanish economy, the White House said.

The conversation was the latest move by Obama in the European crisis, and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Washington would do whatever was needed to stop the eurozone turmoil from stifling the US recovery.

The leaders “discussed the importance of Spain taking resolute action as part of Europe’s effort to strengthen its economy and build market confidence,” Gibbs said in a statement.

“The president expressed the support of the United States for those efforts. The president also conveyed his best wishes to King Juan Carlos for a speedy recovery from his recent surgery.”

More… Kudlow has more on the European rescue.

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