Unbelievable. State Run Media Completely Lost On Motive Driving Faisal Shahzad To Blow Up Times Square

It’s as if 9-11 never happened.
It’s as if the word “jihad” is completely foreign to them.
It’s as if they’ve never been warned about this threat to American security.

The AP is perplexed. The news organization has no clue why a college educated Pakistani-born US Muslim would want to blow up Times Square in New York City. It’s as if this was the first time ever they’ve witnessed something like this.

A man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square spent a decade on the path to respectability before abandoning his house in Connecticut and deciding to supplement his business degrees with explosives training in Pakistan, authorities say.

Faisal Shahzad, the 30-year-old son of a retired official in Pakistan’s air force, was charged Tuesday with trying to blow up a crude gasoline and propane device inside a parked SUV amid tourists and Broadway theatergoers. He was in custody after being hauled off a Dubai-bound plane he boarded Monday night at John F. Kennedy International Airport despite being under surveillance and placed on the federal no-fly list.

Passengers disembarking from the flight many hours later described a calm scene as he was removed from the plane. They said he didn’t put up a struggle.

This is like stepping into a Twilight Zone movie.
They really can’t be that blind. Can they? And yet, unfortunately, we have a president who is just as clueless to this threat facing America.

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