The Audacity to Lie… Obama Tells Republican Senators That Obamacare Will Reduce the Debt

This didn’t make any headlines yesterday. The corrupt state-run media quit fact-checking President Obama a long, long time ago. Barack Obama told Republican Senators yesterday that his nationalized health care plan would reduce the debt.

Not true.

It will add at least $115 billion more to the debt. It won’t lower the deficit.

ABC News reported:


At the GOP caucus meeting, Sen. Barrasso took issue with the skyrocketting national debt, saying something along the lines of: what are you going to do about the national debt now that we know health care isn’t going to do anything?

The president said to Barrasso that while he didn’t want to re-litigate the health care reform bill, “let’s get our facts right.” He went on to describe how the legislation would in fact reduce the debt. He offered to compare the Democratic health care bill with President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug benefit in terms of which adds more to the debt.

It’s hard to know where he gets his facts from. The democratic nationalized health care plan will cover millions of uninsured Americans. Even a 5 year-old understands that this will cost more money. The CBO says Obamacare will cost taxpayers at least $115 billion more than promised. The Obama Administration knew about this before the bill was passed. But, Obama still wants to pretend that the law will save Americans money.
No wonder the Republican senators were upset with yesterday’s meeting.

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