Sneak Peak- Wikio Monthly Blog Rankings — GP at #8

Wikio officially publishes the top blog rankings on their website on the 5th of each month. Each month they offer a sneak peek at the rankings to a selected blogger. This month I was chosen to announce the exclusive before the official publication on Wikio. For several months Gateway Pundit has been number 8 on the list of top political blogs.

Here then is a sneak peak at this month’s top political blogs:

1 The Huffington Post
2 The Corner
3 Hot Air
4 Think Progress
5 Horserace
6 Political Punch
7 Michelle Malkin
8 Gateway Pundit
9 NewsBusters
11 Firedoglake
12 The Plum Line
13 Daily Kos
14 Crooks and Liars
15 fivethirtyeight
16 The Volokh Conspiracy
17 Reason Magazine – Hit & Run
18 Redstate – Conservative News and Community
19 Political Ticker – CNN
20 Power Line

Ranking made by Wikio

Thank you everyone- I appreciate your support.
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