Sick. Obama Compares "Los Suns" B-Ball Protesters to Civil Rights Legends (Video)

During his interview yesterday with NBA sports announcer Marv Albert, Barack Obama compared the Phoenix Suns protest-players to civil rights sports legends Arthur Ashe and Bill Russell.

Barack Obama on the “Los Suns” protest:

“Just because somebody’s a sports figure or you’ve got a sports team doesn’t mean that you’re not part of the community and you’re not part of our democracy,” Obama said in an interview with sportscaster Marv Albert. “It’s terrific that the Suns, who obviously feel very strongly about their community, recognize that a big part of their community felt threatened by this new law.”

“Um. When I was growing up we had figures like Arthur Ashe and Bill Russell who would routinely talk about the world around them.People wouldn’t always agree with them. But, that sense that people are engaged with the big issues of the day is a positive thing and I don’t think that players or franchises need to always stay away from controversy. I happen to personally think that the Arizona law’s bad and I’ve said so publicly. And I see no reason why these guys can’t make the same statement.”

Spoken like a true radical community organizer. He really ought to read the law sometime.
And, this aired before a playoff game?

71% of Arizona voters now support the immigration law. Only 24% oppose it.

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