Shameless… Obama Takes Swipe At Sarah Palin During Oil Spill Disaster Press Conference (Video)

A National Disaster Is Just Another Excuse For Obama to Play Politics–

Shameless after weeks of golfing, photo ops and vacationing, Barack Obama took a drill, baby drill swipe at Sarah Palin during his press conference today on the mismanaged Gulf oil spill disaster.
Obama’s energy plan involves expensive wind turbines and solar panels that will force electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket and would kill the coal industry.

“The fact that oil companies now have to go a mile under water and then drill another three miles below that in order to hit oil tells us something about the direction of the oil industry. Extraction is more expensive and it is going to be inherently more risky. And so that’s part of the reason you never heard me say, ‘Drill, baby, drill!’

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