Republican Joseph Cao Rips Oppressive Communist Regime in Vietnam

Congressman Joseph Cao, elected to replace Rep. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson in Louisiana, was the first Vietnamese-American to fill a seat in Congress. Cao represents a socialist blue district in Louisiana. Some on the right have been very critical of Cao for his vote on cap and trade and his first vote for Obamacare. But one thing is for sure, he is unafraid to stand up for freedom and democracy and he will not hesitate to confront the oppressive Communist Regime in Vietnam.

Joseph Cao ripped the regime in a letter this week after they asked him to set up a meeting with Vietnamese Americans.
This comes from Cao’s website, via Maggies Farm:

Today, Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao (LA-02) rejected the Vietnamese government’s request for help arranging a meeting with the Vietnamese-American community.

Cao’s decision came in a letter to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Son.  Deputy Minister Son had written Cao,  requesting the Congressman’s help facilitating the meeting so the Vietnamese government can provide “correct information” about Vietnam.  The Deputy Minister said he believed that miscommunication is the cause for the Vietnamese-American community’s condemnation of the Vietnamese government.  (Click here to read Cao’s response to Son in Vietnamese.)

In his reply letter, Congressman Cao says the premise for the proposed meeting is misguided.  Cao affirmed that the Vietnamese-Americans left their homeland not because of “misunderstanding” but because they rejected the tyranny of communism. Congressman Cao also stressed that until the government of Vietnam has demonstrated real changes related to freedom and human rights, calls for reconciliation will not be taken seriously by the Vietnamese-American community.

I agree with Bruce Kessler on his support for Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA):

Congressman Cao, in a district 2/3rds Black, voted for the initial House ObamaCare bill, but against the Democrats’ reconciliation ram-through. It would be a shame to lose the only Vietnamese-American Congressman struggling to get through the next election.

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