Phoenix Police Officer Shot and Killed (Video)

A Phoenix polieceman was shot and killed in the line of duty this morning.

A Phoenix policeman was shot and killed this morning. Officials have not released the identity of the officer or the suspect.
AZ Family reported:

A police officer was killed in an early morning in shooting in Phoenix Wednesday, and investigators said they do have a suspect in custody.

It happened at about 1 a.m. near a gas station and convenience store in the area of 19th and Fairmount avenues, south of Indian School Road.

It all started with reports of a suspicious vehicle driving with its lights off in the neighborhood. Somebody reportedly was trying to hide a Mustang in the carport or garage or a vacant home.

Details of what led up to the shooting were not immediately available, but the shots were fired as officers searched for that Mustang.

Other officers who were on the scene didn’t wait for paramedics. They grabbed their wounded colleague and rushed him in a patrol car to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later died.

A witness who did not want to go on-camera said she heard what sounded like a car wreck not long before the shots rang out.

Aerial video showed detectives looking at the Mustang, which seems to be central to the investigation. The car had been partially covered with a tarp. When cover was removed, obvious front-end damage was clearly visible.

Video from the scene near the convenience store showed a trio of detectives with a gun in an evidence bag. It’s not known if that gun belonged to the suspect or the officer.

In the course of the incident, the residents of several nearby homes were evacuated while police searched for a suspect, who was eventually found hiding in a shed. That suspect reportedly was injured at some point during his capture, possibly by a police dog.

Officers were still searching the area and collecting evidence hours after the shooting.

At this point, the Phoenix Police Department is not releasing any information about the officer who was killed or about the suspect in their custody. All Sgt. Trent Crump has said is that the officer was stationed at the Squaw Peak Precinct.

The suspect was identified later today.

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