Oh Brother. White House Says Bill Clinton Offered Sestak Non-Paying Job During Informal Discussions

The White House released a statement today concerning the Sestak scandal. They claim Bill Clinton offered a non-paying position to Joe Sestak if he would not run for the US Senate seat in Pennsylvania.
The Plum Line reported:

Senior White House advisers asked former President Bill Clinton to talk to Joe Sestak about whether he was serious about running for Senate, and to feel out whether he’d be open to other alternatives, according to sources familiar with the situation.

But the White House maintains that the Clinton-Sestak discussions were informal, according to the sources. The White House, under pressure to divulge the specifics of its interactions with Sestak, will release a formal statement later today outlining their version of events, including Clinton’s involvement.

According to the sources, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel asked Clinton and his longtime adviser, lawyer Doug Band, to talk to Sestak about the race. It’s unclear right now whether the White House will say that Clinton was asked to suggest specific administration positions for Sestak, whether Clinton floated positions on his own, whether Clinton discussed other options not related to the adminstration, or whether employment even came up at all in the talks.

But the news that Clinton is at the center of this whole story is noteworthy on its own because of the former president’s stature, and underscores how heavily invested the White House was in dissuading Sestak from running.

So it took them how many months to think up this story?
Either it’s a complete lie or Joe Sestak is a complete idiot.

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