Obama Extends Hand to Taliban… Taliban Bombs US Bases in Afghanistan

Obama announced plans on May 13th that he may offer a peace deal to the Taliban.

The Taliban responded this week with 3 attacks in 6 days, striking at the heart of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

— On Tuesday May 18th, a Taliban suicide bomber targeted a NATO convoy in Kabul killing 5 US troops and a Canadian soldier.
— On Wednesday May 19th Taliban forces launched an early morning attack on Bagram Air Force Base killing a contractor and injuring 9 US troops.
— On Saturday the Taliban launched a separate attack on Kandahar base.

As Obama extended his hand – The Taliban launched a rocket on Bagram.

Aljazeera reported:


The assault on the Kandahar air field comes just days after two Taliban attacks on US and Nato forces in Afghanistan.

The group says it has now begun its “summer offensive” and will increasingly hit foreign troops.

Codenamed Al Fatah, or victory, the operation anticipates a planned summer offensive by coalition forces in Kandahar, aimed at driving the Taliban from their traditional heartland.

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