NY Times Reporter Compares Terror Leader Al-Awlaki to Jesus

It takes a special kind of something to keep publishing this sort of anti-Christian trash, week after week, year after year.
Writer Robert Wright at The New York Times compared the Al-Qaeda terror leader Al-Awlaki to Jesus today at The Opinionator blog.

Wright blames America for terrorist Faisal Shahzad,

“They give him what he hadn’t found in America: a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose.”

Wright then goes on to compare Shahzad to Jesus.

…Doesn’t Obama see what a gift the killing of this imam would be to his cause? Just ask the Romans how their anti-Jesus-movement strategy worked out. (And Jesus’s followers didn’t have their leader’s sermons saved in ready-to-go video and audio files; al-Awlaki’s resurrection would be vivid indeed.)

Tell us what you really think of Christianity, Robert Wright.

Maybe the Vatican was right. Maybe The New York Times is possessed with Satan.

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