Gold Star Mom Flies to Pennsylvania to Give Tim Burns $5,000 Check; New Radio Ad Released (Audio)

A “Gold Star” mother from Arizona flew in Saturday to present Tim Burns with a check for $5000 from different Veterans’ groups in support of his campaign.

MAF Freedom Pac donated $5,000 to Republican Tim Burns.

Pennsylvania Patriot Tim Burns
This is an excellent video…

Also… A new radio ad in support of Republican Tim Burns points to Barack Obama’s disdain for Pennsylvania gun-toting, Bible-thumping bitter clingers.


Click on Photo for radio ad–

That about sums things up.
PR Newswire reported:

“President Obama’s deep disdain for Pennsylvania has been a matter of record for some time. In fact, at a wine and cheese party among Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco neighbors during the last election, Obama revealed exactly what he thinks of small town Pennsylvanians when he labeled them, ‘bitter,’ and asserted that they needed to ‘cling to their guns and religion,'” said Scott Wheeler, Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC. “It was a shocking display of elitist arrogance, but it seems consistent with Obama’s world view.”

During this special election to fill Jack Murtha’s seat, it’s been less than surprising to see the mainstream media failing to remind Pennsylvanians just how disdainful is their President towards them, even as he has avoided traveling to the region, lest he sink Mark Critz’s campaign ship with his own ballast-filled approval rating. So, as a service to Western Pennsylvanians – and to encourage the excellent candidacy of Tim Burns – we thought we’d educate the voters about the real issues in this campaign, hence our radio spots about Obama’s ‘bitter clinger’ comments,” continued Wheeler.

“It comes down to this: Mark Critz is a hand-picked, Washington insider, a pawn of Obama and Pelosi. Tim Burns is NOT a career politician, but instead, a smart and articulate fiscal conservative, a champion of efficient, limited government, and a pro free market business veteran that has spent his life running a company and creating jobs in Pennsylvania. It’s a pretty compelling choice. We have faith that on Tuesday, Western Pennsylvanians will be voting for Tim Burns…and the ONLY THING they’ll be clinging to is our country!”

Republian Tim Burns is leading the race with less than a day to go before the vote.

Big Government has more from the ground in Pennsylvania.

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