Marxists Hugo Chavez & Fidel Castro Join Obama to Denounce Arizona Immigration Law

We’ve seen this before…
Last year, Barack Obama and Marxists Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro worked together to pressure Honduras to reinstate corrupt Leftist Mel Zelaya as president.
It didn’t happen.

(Michael Ramirez)
This week these same champions of human rights once again joined with Barack Obama, this time to denounce the Arizona immigration law.
FOX News reported:

On the heels of Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s speech slamming Arizona’s immigration law, Cuban leaders and Venezuela’s president are adding to the chorus and calling the law ‘racist and xenophobic” – but they’re carrying their own human rights baggage.

Cuban parliamentarians passed a resolution last week denouncing Arizona’s new law as “racist and xenophobic,” as well as a “brutal violation of human rights.” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, meanwhile, reportedly blasted the law through his minister of foreign affairs, demanding that it be “repealed” and that America move away from its “old habits of racism.”

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said immigrants in the U.S. are treated in a manner that’s “inconsistent with human rights … a perennial violation against our fellow Latin Americans,” reported.


Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said those criticisms are misguided given the state of human rights in both Cuba and Venezuela.

“They’re not fair and they are obviously politically motivated,” Mehlman said. “Obviously, [Chavez and Cuban lawmakers] do not have the best interests of the United States at heart. They have appalling human rights records and their criticisms ought not to be taken seriously.”

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