Liz Cheney: This Administration's "First Instinct Is to Inform the Terrorist That He’s Got the Right to Remain Silent" (Video)

Actually, this administration’s first instinct is to deny that radical Islam has declared war on America. Their second instinct is to not use words like jihad, sharia, or Islamic radicalism in their reports. The third instinct is to deny that the terrorism man-caused disaster suspect is an Islamic radical. And, Team Obama’s fourth response is to pamper the little darling and read him his rights.
Thanks to Think Progress for the video:

Liz Cheney on FOX News Sunday this morning:

When the administration captures a terrorist and their first instinct is to inform him that he’s got the right to remain silent, that is exactly the wrong way to win this war. When we capture a terrorist, our first instinct has got to be: How do we understand the networks to which this terrorist is connected? How do we understand where he was trained? How do we understand who the leadership is? The administration is approaching this, and again this morning you had John Brennan saying, “Well, this was one-off because he drove the truck alone.” That doesn’t even make sense, it’s inexplicable. But if you aren’t willing to acknowledge that you’re facing a committed network of terrorists as your enemies, and that it’s radical jihadist Islam, then your response to that is gonna be, by definition, insufficient time and time again.

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