Liz Cheney on Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill: "A Gift for Reading the TelePrompter Is Not the Same as Leadership" (Video)

Liz Cheney on Obama’s response to the BP oil spill:
“A gift for reading the TelePrompter is not the same as leadership.”

Liz Cheney hit this one out of the park this morning on FOX News Sunday:

“You know you’ve got a president who believes that saying something makes it so. You showed it in the last segment when he said he was going to have the most transparent administration in history. But, that doesn’t mean you’re actually going to be open and transparent. It’s not the same thing as we’ve seen with him. On the war, he says he knows were at war but he doesn’t actually understand he has to lead us in the fight… And, going down to Louisiana he says, “Gosh, I’m heart-broken. I’m angry. I’m frustrated.” And then going on vacation to Chicago really doesn’t send a message that this is a man who’s leading… A gift for reading the TelePrompter is not the same as leadership.


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