Less Than One-Third of US Meteorologists Believe In Manmade Global Warming (Video)

Only one-third of US Meteorologists believe that global warming is manmade. And, only a slim majority believe the planet is warming at all.
CBS reported:

Digital Journal reported:

A recent CBS News report revealed a startling statistic: While more than half of all TV meteorologists believe global warming is occurring, less than a third believe it is caused by human activity.

From CBS News via Breitbart TV comes some surprising news: a joint George Mason University and University of Texas survey of TV meteorologists in America reveals that while more than half (54 percent) believe global warming is happening, less than a third (31 percent) believe it is caused by human activity, specifically man-made carbon emissions as determined by the IPCC and others.

But, democrats still insist on ramming their cap and tax energy bill through Congress anyway despite the fact that it will cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

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