LA High School Teacher Ron Gochez Calls Cops "Apes" Says They Are Only Here to Serve the Rich in "Occupied Mexico" (Video)

This Santee High School history teacher in Los Angeles has quite a record. In 2007 Gochez stood on the steps of the UCLA Campus and called for a race revolution in the United States. Besides that, he also attended public forums with his minions to rail against the “apes” in the police force who only serve the rich in “Occupied Mexico.”

Gochez sounds like he was auditioning for a position in the Obama White House, huh?

Fact Real has more on this speech by Gochez:

He is actually giving a statement at a hearing investigating alleged police brutality at the 2007 May Day Protest in California. He doesn’t let the opportunity go to waste. Gochez regurgitates his delirious separatist and Marxist harangue while showing virulent disgust towards the American system. No wonder many of our kids have hate in their heart.

He must be a hell of a history teacher, huh?


Griff Jenkins at FOX News confronted Ron Gochez on Friday. Gochez admits in the interview, “I am against capitalism.”

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