Karl Rove: Joe Sestak Is Lying Or Protecting a Felon in the White House

It looks like the Sestak scandal is not going away any time soon for the Obama White House.
And if Karl Rove is right, this won’t have a happy ending for the Obama corruptocrats.
Andrew Malcolm at The LA Times is doing a respectable job reporting on this story.

One-time White House insider Karl Rove has been outside Washington most of recent months, promoting his new best-seller,”Courage and Consequence.” But Wednesday he chatted with our buddy Scott Hennen, the upper Midwest’s top political talk-show host.

We’ve got a good piece of video down below for you to ponder. But let’s just quote some of the characteristically blunt, clear insight that’s made Rove so successful in politics, on the Fox News Channel and so hated/feared by opponents.

Here’s Rove on Sestak:

One of two things is true, you can’t have two things true. One or the other is true. Either Joe Sestak is lying and he was not offered a position in the administration in return for getting out of the primary.

You know he’s a liar, in which case not worthy of public service.

Or, he’s telling the truth, in which case somebody inside the White House committed a felony. 18usc211 says that, a government official cannot promise a job in return for anything of value and it has a long list of values.

Saying to a member of Congress if you drop out of the primary and give a free ride to the general election for our Democratic nominee in return for which we will give you a government job, is clearly receiving something of value. The value is a clear path to the nomination of your favorite candidate…..

That’s right, Karl. You just can’t have it both ways.
Read it and weep, libs.

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