John McCain: Elena Kagan Was Aiding & Abetting the Violation of a Law While at Harvard (Video)

“She called it a policy. But, it wasn’t a policy it was a law. And, so she was encourging, tt seems to me that she was aiding and abetting violation of a law

John McCain told Sean Hannity tonight that Elena Kagan as Dean of Harvard’s Law School aided and abetted breaking the law by not allowing ROTC recruiters on campus. No wonder Barack Obama likes her.

Kagan not only kicked the military recruiters off campus but she attended anti-military rallies on campus.

This photo shows Dean Elena Kagan protesting against the military at a LAMBDA-sponsored rally at Harvard in 2004. (HL Record)

Kagan told fellow protesters at the rally:

“I’m very opposed to two government policies that directly violate our policy of nondiscrimination and directly impact our students,” stated Dean Kagan at the rally. “The first is ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’…. The second is the Solomon Amendment which effectively forces educational institutions to make exceptions to their nondiscrimination policy when it comes to the military and military recruitment.”

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