Joe Biden Defends Elena Kagan's Anti-Military Stand at Harvard

VP Joe Biden defended Obama’s far left Supreme Court pick Elena Kagan during an ABC interview. Elena Kagan, as dean of the law school, expelled military recruiters from the Harvard campus in defiance of The Solomon Act. Her case was rejected by even the most liberal justices of the Supreme Court. Biden, of course, defended her anti-military stand.
Via ABC News and BreitbartTV:

Kagan not only kicked the military recruiters off campus but she attended anti-military rallies.

This photo shows Dean Elena Kagan protesting against the military at a LAMBDA-sponsored rally at Harvard in 2004. (HL Record)

Kagan told fellow protesters at the rally:

“I’m very opposed to two government policies that directly violate our policy of nondiscrimination and directly impact our students,” stated Dean Kagan at the rally. “The first is ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’…. The second is the Solomon Amendment which effectively forces educational institutions to make exceptions to their nondiscrimination policy when it comes to the military and military recruitment.”

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