Is Rahm Emanuel an American Kapo?

The Obama Administration is quite possibly the most anti-Israel administration in history since Israel was established in 1948. Besides the numerous documented anti-Semites in Barack Obama’s past and present, Obama has been openly hostile towards Israel since taking over the White House. Here are a few reminders:

** Obama Refuses to Dine With Jewish Leader
** Obama Won’t Allow Any Photos of Him With PM Netanyahu
** Stunner. Obama Has Refused All Israeli Military Requests Since Entering Office in 2009
** Obama Administration Denies Visas to Israeli Nuclear Scientists
** Barack Obama Announces Historic Shift in America’s Relationship With Israel
** Team Obama Working With Egypt & Russia to Rid Israel of Nuclear Weapons
** Obama Administration & UNSC Push Legislation to Strip Israel of Nuclear Weapons

Only a fool today would believe that Barack Obama is pro-Israel. His actions make this clear. So why would Rahm Emanuel associate himself with this regime after all of the evidence that Obama does not favor Israel? How do you explain this?

Back in World War II a kapo was a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps in certain lower administrative positions. The official Nazi word was Funktionshäftling, or “prisoner functionary”, but the Nazis commonly referred to them as kapos. Kapos received more privileges than normal prisoners, towards whom they were often brutal. A Kapo wore a yellow armband bearing the black letters CAPO, he was armed with a club or a whip. The German concentration camps depended on the cooperation of trustee inmates who supervised the prisoners and carried out the will of the Nazi camp commandants and guards.

Jewish Kapo’s at Belzec (Holocaust Research Project)

The kapos were, of course, hated by the Jewish prisoners. They assisted the Nazis with their evil.

Today the American Spectator Blog explained how liberal Jews like Emanuel are enabling the Second Holocaust.

Israel, right now, is surrounded by terorrist groups dedicated to the nation’s destruction. Palestinian society teaches its children to aspire to slaughter Jews much in the same fashion as the Nazis indoctrinated their young. Suicide bombers who die in the act of killing Jewish civilians are celebrated as heroes. It’s a culture that glorifies death and uses women and children as human shields to gain sympathy from the international community — and especially liberal Jews. And the terrorists are receiving aid from Iran, a radical nation that vows to wipe Israel off the map within the context of seeking a nuclear weapon.

Yet against this backdrop, all liberal Jews want to do is to pin the blame on Israel’s efforts to defend itself, and engage in the magical thinking that more Jewish concessions will create peace and security. By doing so, they are helping the enemies of the Jews who are intent on finishing the job that Hitler started. While Israel has no shortage of critics, when Jewish liberals attack Israel, it’s that much more damaging, because Israel’s enemies can say, “See, even Jews admit that Israel is the oppressor.”

Just last week White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called a select group of rabbis to the White House to spin the Obama Administration’s open hostility towards Israel. Emanuel is the leading Jewish spinmaster for the Obama regime. As the Iranian nuclear threat builds, as Hezbollah restocks its missile arsenal, as Hamas continues to build up its weapons stockpile, Rahm Emanuel continues to ignore the anti-Israel policies of the current adminstration. Rahm ignores the anti-Semites in Obama’s past and present. If ever there was an American Kapo, it is Rahm Emanuel.
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