Information Blackout on West Memphis Police Killers …Update: Relatives ID Killers (Photo & Video)

(Updated Below– This Story Is Really Weird.)
2 police officers were killed in West Memphis on Thursday. 2 more were injured.
The suspects were pulled over on a drug interdiction stop around noon on Interstate 40. The suspects shot the officers with AK-47s. A later report said the suspects used a rifle and a handgun in the killings.

One of the dead suspects is shown here in the parking lot of the West Memphis Walmart, site of the second shooting scene. (Commercial Appeal)

Since yesterday afternoon there has been a virtual blackout on information about the suspects. The white van the two were driving was listed as stolen and was originally owned by some white supremist-linked church in Ohio. The two suspects were originally reported as being Hispanic on FOX News but the authorities have not released any information on the killers after nearly 24 hours.

A wildlife officer rammed into the van in a Walmart parking lot.
THV reported:

Police tell Today’s THV a wildlife officer assisted in apprehending the suspects at Walmart. Sadler explains, “A very brave young wildlife officer in his state truck rammed the suspects vehicle preventing an exit of the suspects. There was a continued exchange of gun fire involving law enforcement officers. Those suspects were armed with a long rifle and a hand gun.”

Investigators have refused to name the suspects, say where they’re from or even give their race or nationality.

I’ve contacted the Arkansas state police and will update this post when I hear something.
Of course, please keep the families of these officers in your thoughts and prayers.


The two killers are thought to be a father and son from Ohio.
The Commercial Appeal reported:

People claiming to be relatives of the two, however, told The Commercial Appeal they could identify them from numerous videos and photographs taken at the crime scene and available on Memphis media websites. They identified the men as Jerry Kane, 45, of Ohio and his 16-year-old son, Joseph.

Kane’s own website (Here) this morning bears a note indicating the two were “shot down” by law enforcement in West Memphis.

Attempts to verify the information led to a woman named Donna Lee in central Florida who said she was married to Jerry Kane and that Joe, as she called him, was her 16-year-old stepson. She wanted to emphasize Joseph Kane is a minor. She said the white minivan belonged to Jerry and was positive from photos and videos from the scene that the two unidentified dead suspects were Jerry and Joe Kane — and that the dog she saw exiting the minivan was a labrador-rottweiler mix named Olie.

The shelter in West Memphis confirms that there was another dog found in the van, something police had not made public. The family said that dog, who was found dead, is named Little Missy. Lee also said that Joe’s mother died three years ago and said her name was Hope.

A background check of Jerry Kane shows that he had been married to a woman named Hope.

When she saw the news footage of the shootings in West Memphis on Thursday, Donna Lee said she knew.

The lifeless body of a boyish-looking suspect in front of a white minivan, she said she is sure, is that of her 16-year-old stepson. She said she believes he was handcuffed. The white Plymouth Voyager minivan, she is positive, belongs to the man she calls her husband, Jerry Kane.

Lee said Jerry Kane owned an AK-47 and carried it with him on trips because he liked taking it to local shooting ranges.

Lee insists that Jerry and Joe Kane were doing good work, helping people with financial troubles keep their homes.

“They were literally staying in hotels all over the country so they could help people stay in their homes,” Lee said.

They traveled the country to help people with foreclosure issues? And, he was driving around in a stolen car?
That’s a bit strange.

Here’s video of Joe Kane giving a foreclosure seminar:

They’re asking for donations on the killer’s website to pay for his funeral.

Kane’s YouTube webpage includes videos on karate, UFO’s and physical healers.

UPDATE: The website blames the police:


Last month, Jerry was stopped on I40 in New Mexico and arrested for not having a drivers license. He recently completed his administrative process for the unlawful arrest.


I40 sounds like the good ole boy stretch-of-highway, where if they spot you, and they already dont like you, you’could get killed. Even if you are just a Dad and son with your two dogs on your way home, minding your own business.

Let’s face it. If there wasn’t a “traffic stop” no one would be dead!

Why is that not surprising?

…So Jerry Kane was helping people keep their homes but he’s traveling around the country with an expired license, possibly stolen plates and living in a car with two dogs and a AK47 under his pillow?

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