Finally Ohio Libs Focus on Jobs… Lebron's Job With the Cavaliers (Video)

It took them long enough but the libs in Ohio decided to come together and focus on jobs… or, rather, one job. They want Bush-basher Lebron James to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They even made a music video to persuade their fellow lib not to leave Ohio.
MSNBC reported:

Talk about working to save an Ohio job — NBA star Lebron James’.

With James’ NBA season over, and with speculation that he might bolt Cleveland for brighter lights, prominent city leaders and personalities have created a “We Are Lebron” song/video.

And making appearances in the video are Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), up for re-election this fall and engaged in a very competitive race, and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), who isn’t up until 2012.

So, do you suppose they used stimulus cash for their video?

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