GOV. JAN BREWER DOES IT AGAIN!… Joins With Sarah Palin For Amazing Border Ad (Video)

Brewer-Palin ’12

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer does it again!
The popular Arizona Governor released another powerful campaign ad today smacking the Obama Administration for their dereliction of duty and blasting inept Attorney General Eric Holder for repeatedly attacking the Arizona law that he’d never read.
To top if off Sarah Palin chimes in and gives the governor her support.
This ad may be even better than her last campaign ad.

Last week she focused on Obama. This week she picked on his sidekicks.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today launched an effort aimed at educating the country on the federal governments failure to secure our nations southern border and its failure to address the human tragedy that is occurring as a result.


They also asked Americans to stand up and support Arizona. Key to the Secure the Border—Support Arizona effort is the launching of a new website devoted to these issues:

** Here’s the Brewer-Palin press conference from today.

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