Florida Woman Fired After Speaking at Tea Party Protest

She spoke at a tea party protest. She was canned.

A Florida assistant state attorney was fired after she spoke at a tea party protest.
Jasksonville.com reported:

An assistant state attorney in Live Oak was fired Monday after she refused to stop speaking to tea party rallies and other groups, her boss said.

Prosecutor KrisAnne Hall asked a federal judge Friday for a ruling that would have allowed her to keep speaking and prevented her boss, State Attorney Skip Jarvis, from following through on threats to fire her if she didn’t stop.

Courtroom arguments on that request hadn’t been scheduled by Monday afternoon, when Jarvis said he fired Hall shortly after receiving a copy of her federal complaint.

He called her a good prosecutor, who crossed an ethical line with her speeches and radio appearances.

“You can’t take a job advocating for the state and go out and take a position against the state,” Jarvis said. “I advised her from my first learning of her activity that she was free to say and do whatever she desired within the law, but she could not do so while assistant counsel for the state.”

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