Figures… Like a True Democrat, Blanche Lincoln Accused of Voting Twice (Video)

In a last ditch attempt to appeal to primary voters, Senator Blanche Lincoln tried to position herself as the true democrat in the race today by voting twice.

Now there’s a slick move.

The Gaggle reported:

Talking Points Memo reports that Lincoln, who’s trying to reach 50 percent in today’s Arkansas Democratic primary to avoid a runoff with Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, has been turned away from the polls because she previously requested an absentee ballot. It was apparently a belt-and-suspenders move, just in case she couldn’t be at home for the vote, and Lincoln’s campaign says she never mailed the absentee ballot. Instead, she’ll be filling out an absentee ballot.

In related news… A federal grand jury indicted 34-year-old Tarrell Campbell from St. Louis for allegedly voting twice in the 2008 general election.
Hat Tip Ed S.

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