El Rushbo: Bloomberg & Obama Disappointed Bomber Wasn't a Tea Partier (Video)

Bummer. The Times Square bomber wasn’t a 40 year-old white male tea partier after all.
Instead he turned out to be just another America-hating run-of-the-mill Bush-hater.
Rush Limbaugh weighed in the the Left’s disappointment today:

From the Rush Limbaugh website:

RUSH: You know, folks, if this weren’t so serious, it would be hilariously funny. The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg is telling anybody and everybody that the Times Square bomber had to be somebody unhappy with Obama’s health care plan, a tea partier. And then after it was learned that, no, no, no, this guy’s a Muslim extremist from Pakistan, and there’s a lot more we know about the guy, then Bloomberg comes out, “We’re not going to tolerate any backlash against Middle Easterners or Muslims in New York City.” Of course, backlash against the tea party people was expected, it was hoped for. You have the entire Democrat Party, you have the entire United States legacy media hoping and praying that it was a domestic Republican tea party terrorist who listened to me, that set that bomb in an SUV in Times Square. That’s where we are in the country. I mean everybody knows that Faisal Shahzad, the mayor of New York shoulda known this, Obama shoulda said this in his presser today, everybody knows this guy was upset over the new Arizona immigration law and so he decided to blow up Times Square.

Why didn’t they go for that instead of the tea party and the health care bill? Bloomberg, you’re an absolute blithering, embarrassing idiot. If you’re going to try to relate this to modern politics, tell us that this Muslim from Pakistan is upset over the Arizona law. Health care is yesterday’s news. You are an absolute embarrassment. The whole Democrat Party is an embarrassment, the leftist movement in this country is an embarrassment and the media is so far gone that they’re a joke, an absolute, irresponsible joke. You would not believe what they’re trying to say about me and this oil spill. Before they’re through with this, it’s going to be my fault, not Bush’s, not Obama’s, not BP’s, but mine. I got e-mails last night from people: “Rush, did you really say that oil and water mixed is fine and we shouldn’t do anything?” This is my NFL St. Louis Rams purchase all over again. They’re making up things I didn’t say, and of course these absolute… (sigh) I’m thinking of an anatomy on the human body I could use in a family show to describe these absolute, total, worthless pieces of human debris at MSNBC. I’m in a great mood here, folks, don’t misunderstand anything.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had our boot on the throat of Muslim extremists just like we have our boot on BP, a company who is attempting to produce energy for us to improve our lifestyle and our economic output and our standard of living? Oh, no, we gotta keep a boot, a jackboot on the throat of British Petroleum. We gotta blame them for everything. When we have an obvious example here of predictable terrorism, no, can’t call it what it is. Gotta hold out hope it was a tea party guy run amuck. Guess what? Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. I wonder if this SUV had an Obama sticker on it. Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. The original New York Times headline on this was: “US Arrests SUV Owner In Times Square Case.” They then changed it but that was their first headline: “US Arrests SUV Owner.” Fine, so he’s a Democrat. I want to see the Obama sticker on his car. Notice how quickly they got it outta Times Square before anybody could hop and maybe see an “Obama 2012” bumper sticker on the damn car.

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