Crazy. Obama Says Health Care Law Already Helps Millions in US

It should be obvious by now that Barack Obama will say anything and the media will let him.
Barack Obama announced today that his trillion dollar nationalized health care plan is already helping millions of Americans and small business owners. Of course, he wasn’t talking about the millions of Americans who will lose their health care because of this bill or the millions affected by higher costs.
The AP reported:

The new health care law already is helping millions of people through tax breaks for small businesses and assistance for families with young adults, President Barack Obama said Saturday.

In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama promoted his top domestic priority, which passed Congress with no Republican votes and continues to stir strong emotions nationwide. He acknowledged that many provisions will not take effect for years. But he said others are doing some families good now.

Some 4 million small-business owners and organizations have been told of a possible health care tax cut this year, Obama said. On June 15, some older people with high prescription drug costs will receive $250 to help fill a gap in Medicare’s pharmaceutical benefits.


“Already we are seeing a health care system that holds insurance companies more accountable and gives consumers more control,” the president said.

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