Commie-Lover Danny Glover Booed at Utah State Commencement

Why are they inviting this commie-lover to commencement ceremonies?
Is Danny Glover really the best person to have speaking to graduates?

Venezuelan Marxist leader Hugo Chavez announced in 2007 that he would finance all of Danny Glover’s movies.

Danny Glover was booed at Utah State Commencement on Saturday after he failed to place his hand on his heart during the color guard presentation.
The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

Utah State University’s 123rd commencement ceremony Saturday, featuring keynote speaker Danny Glover, will likely be remembered more for the actor’s controversy than his celebrity.

During the color guard presentation of the American flag, a spectator yelled across the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, “Put your hand above your heart, Glover!”

The five-time Emmy nominee told The Salt Lake Tribune after the ceremony that he doesn’t typically cover his heart during flag ceremonies and he meant no disrespect.

“I was listening to the national anthem and paying attention,” he said. “I probably wasn’t the only one in there who didn’t put a hand over their heart.”

The intermittent booing throughout the graduation, which was largely overpowered by clapping and cheering, didn’t appear to rattle the stage and big-screen star. In his public comments and actions, Glover never acknowledged the behavior dozens of fresh graduates called “stupid,” “rude” and “disrespectful.” Ultimately, Glover was rewarded with a standing ovation by the majority of the large crowd.

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