Charlie Crist Heckled at Opening of Campaign Headquarters (Video)

Charlie Crist was heckled at the opening of his campaign headquarters in Florida this weekend.

The Buzz reported:

More than 100 people turned out to the opening of Charlie Crist’s new campaign headquarters in downtown St Pete this morning. Among those publicly touted their support for Crist were Democratic state Rep. Darryl Rouson, Republican state Rep. Peter Nehr, Democratic Tampa city council member Charlie Miranda, Democratic former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco, and Republican state Sen. Mike Fasano.

The standout moment came when a heckler started shouting at Crist (around 3:10 into clip), “What about the guys who gave you money when you were a Republican?!”

“I’m going to keep it!” Crist cheerfully responded.

Crist winks at the crowd:

Charlie Crist winks at the crowd after saying he’d keep Republican donations.

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