Awful Lib Clyburn Claims Tea Party Rage Is Due to Obama's Race (Video)

Horrible lib Rep. James Clyburn claims that the tea party rage against record spending, debt and unemployment is really all about Obama’s race.
Because, of course, if you oppose Barack Obama’s radical socialist plans for America – you’re a racist.

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Check out this question from the Washington Post reporter:

WASHINGTON POST: How worried are you about the violent elements of the tea party-ization of the country. Are you worried about the president’s security? Are you worried about your own security as a black leader?

REP. JAMES CLYBURN (D-SC): Not one bit. . . . People are going to look back on this health care and they’re going to wonder: “Why did people resist this so?” And I think that people will look back on the presidency of Barack Obama and they’re going to say, “I wonder why so many people had so many anxious moments when they elected the first African American president.” ‘Cause a lot of this has got to do with that.

So, what tea party violence was this WaPo reporter talking about? The SEIU thugs who beat and stomped on a black conservative? The SEIU thugs who smashed a woman in the face with a camera? The leftist goons who disrupt the tea party rallies?

Honestly, it’s hard to decide who is worse… These horrible libs who are destroying this great nation with their irresponsible legislation or the lapdog media that keeps running interference for these radicals?

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