Apple Denies Free Speech – Refuses App By Republican Candidate Challenging Henry Waxman

Republican Ari David (see video here and here) sent this today. The Republcan candidate running against far left socialist Henry Waxman is being denied his free speech by Apple Computer , Inc. Apple officials notified Ari David that they were rejecting his submission for an app. They told his team that they were doing so on the grounds that they deemed the content in the app was defamatory against Henry Waxman.

Don’t mess with Waxman- Apple won’t allow it

Here is more from Republican Ari David:

A few weeks ago I hired a company to create an I Phone Application for my congressional campaign. My designers told me when we started that Apple would take about two weeks to approve the app after they finished the design and coding. They submitted the app and then we waited and waited and waited. Recently the designers contacted Apple to find out what was taking so long. A couple days ago Apple responded and told us that they were rejecting the submission and told us that they were doing so on the grounds that content in the app is defamatory of my opponent, incumbent Henry Waxman.

Here are the statements Apple found defamatory.


SUPPORTED Cap & Trade legislation that would have brought us $7 a gallon gas and as President Obama has stated would make electricity rates “necessarily sky rocket.”

This one is well known considering that Waxman sponsored the bill in the House and President Obama is famous for making the statement about the need under his plan for “skyrocketing” electricity rates.

VOTED TO CUT Medicare spending by a half a trillion dollars which would severely hurt seniors. Time to go Henry!

This one is also well known since the Health Care Reform bill just passed a few weeks ago.

VOTED AGAINST missile defense funding, which jeopardized the US and Israel.

Waxman is famous for voting against missile defense program funding going all the way back to 1983 when Reagan first proposed the SDI system.

TRIED to make over-the-counter vitamins and supplements prescription only.

On this one, Waxman’s original bill was defeated a few years ago but last week, lo and behold, Waxman inserted this language into the House version of the Financial Reform Bill AFTER IT HAD ALREADY PASSED!

TRIED TO STRANGLE family farms with insane Soviet-Style regulation.

Many people have not yet heard about this one so here is the documentation on it. My only problem with calling it “Soviet Style” is that even the Soviet’s would have been challenged to come up with something so stupid to do to our farming industry.

What’s next? Is Apple going to ban conservatives from using their products too? Do they really think this is good for business? Do they really want to pi$$ off half of America?

To donate to Ari David’s campaign, go here.

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