Breaking: Officials Arrest Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad in Times Square Bomb Attempt …Update: He Was Arrested at JFK Airport …Update: Hated Bush

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US officials arrested Faisal Shahzad of Connecticut tonight in connection to the attempted Times Square bombing.
FOX News video:

Federal officials have identified a person of interest who recently returned to the US from Pakistan.
FOX News reported:

Federal authorities have identified a person of interest in Saturday night’s Times Square bomb attempt — a naturalized American citizen who was in Pakistan for several months and returned to the United States recently, investigative sources told Fox News.

The latest developments seem to support investigators’ suspicions that there was a foreign connection behind the failed car bomb attempt in New York City, senior Obama administration officials told Fox News, shedding light on the growing body of evidence.

Sources say that evidence includes international phone calls made by the person of interest, who has not been identified publicly.

Police also have interviewed the registered owner of the bomb-laden sports-utility vehicle. They say he is not a suspect, but he recently sold the dark-colored 1993 Nissan Pathfinder on Craigslist to another individual. It wasn’t clear whether the buyer was the person of interest now sought by authorities.

The bomb scare forced the evacuation of Times Square on a busy Saturday night, as police used a robot to break into the smoking SUV and diffuse the makeshift explosive, which was made from everyday items, such as propane tanks and firecrackers.

Someone needs to notify Mayor Bloomberg.
And, Mayor Bloomberg needs to apologize!


UPDATE: Via FOX News Breaking News– Officials arrested a Pakistani-American in connection to the attempted Times Square bombing.
MSNBC reported:

Authorities arrested a suspect in the attempted weekend car bombing in Times Square, NBC News’ justice correspondent Pete Williams reported early Tuesday morning.

A U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, Shahzad Faisal, was arrested Monday night in Long Island, Williams reported.

Earlier, an official told The Associated Press that the potential suspect recently traveled to Pakistan. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the case was at a sensitive stage.

UPDATE: He was arrested at JFK Airport trying to leave the country.

UPDATE: Shahzad, 30, is suspected of having links to international terrorists and just returned from Pakistan.

UPDATE: Here’s a possible Facebook page for Shahzad.

UPDATE: Shahzad is Bush-hater (not a democrat as previously reported).

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