Angry Morgan Hill Parents Pack School Meeting After Cinco De Mayo – US Flag Flap (Video)

Hundreds of angry Morgan Hill parents attended a school board meeting on Tuesday night following the incident last week where 4 students were sent home for wearing US flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

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KTVU has more on the meeting, via FOX Nation:


About 200 people packed the middle school auditorium where the meeting was held to accommodate the larger than normal number of people who attended to vent their feelings.

“Regardless where we came from when we come to this nation, we adopt its culture and what this nation stands for and the flag,” said Morgan Hill resident Lavonne Atnit. “I am personally getting very tired of disrespect to that flag and what this nation stands for.”

Morgan Hill’s Claudia Rossi offered some advice to the Latino student who walked out of school in protest the day following the incident.

“To those Latino kids that are here: you are not going to change the mind of one person that is being offensive to you,” said Rossi. “Educate yourself. That is the way to honor your flag wherever you come from.”

The boys who wore the patriotic colors — which some Latino students viewed as disrespectful — did not show up. However, some of their parents did.

“The students were not making a political statement. Their goal was to simply their pride in their country,” said parent Joy Jones. “As parents we are proud we have raised young men who stand up for what they believe in.”

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