Will Hillary Clinton Blame Obama Like She Blamed Bush For the Mining Tragedy?

Will Obama Get the Shaft Too?
During the Bush years democrats blamed the sitting president for the high profile mining disasters.
Hillary Clinton blasted President Bush for the Sago Mine tragedy.
During the democratic primary debate in 2008 Hillary said this:

And, I want to quickly say, to the woman who lost her husband in the Sago Mine, Chris Dodd and I were on a committee that passed some very good laws. The problem is we have an administration that doesn’t want to enforce laws. When I am president the Department of Labor will be a department that actually cares.

Of course, her attack was not based in fact.

There were an average of 93 mining deaths each year during the 1990’s when the Clintons were in office. During the Bush years, the number of mining fatalities decreased significantly to an average of 63 mining deaths per year. But, this didn’t stop democrats from pouncing on Bush for the Sago Mine disaster.

So, the question is… Will Hillary blame Obama for the worst mining disaster in 25 years this week?


Of course not… They’re still blaming conservatives.

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