TEA PARTY RALLY TODAY at Bob Corker's Nashville Office

Calling All Patriots—
Tea Party Protest at Corker’s Nashville Office Today

What’s going on with Senator Corker? Lately, it’s hard to say. As someone who touts himself as a conservative, he seems to be putting an awful lot of effort into helping push the Obama-Dodd “financial reform” bill.

He’s nearly called his Republican colleagues liars when they pointed out the bailout portions of this bill—statements that have now been used repeatedly by the far left to attack Republicans fighting against this next government takeover.

His denials that a bailout is in the bill have come eerily close to Obama’s own sleight of hand maneuvers—focus on the $50 billion slush fund created by taxing banks but skip right over the part of the bill that gives the Fed unlimited bailout authority.

So, Tea Party patriots in Tennessee are going to visit his office this afternoon. If you’re in the Nashville area, please join them:

What: Tea Party Protest
When: Thursday, April 22 @ 5:00pm
Where: Office of Senator Bob Corker
3322 West End Ave., Suite 610
Nashville, TN 37203

Help Stop the Democrat’s Latest Government Takeover

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