Socialist Infiltrators Hand Out Fake Tea Party Literature at NY Protest

Socialist infiltrators at the Albany Tax Day Tea Party rally passed out fake tea party literature to the attendees.

The literature was actually communist propaganda.

The Nassau Tea Party website has more:

Someone at the Socialist Party doctored up one of their own flyers by cutting and pasting “Tea”, “TP USA” and “Social Responsibility” over sections to camouflage a socialist manifesto as a Tea Party document.

Amatuerish and incredibly crude, one wonders how they could have expected to fool anyone. Or was their intent to disgust any potential new member that may have thought the literature was real?

The person handing out the flyers was nice and polite, and most people probably stuck them in their pockets without a glance. Which is why he wasn’t confronted at the event.

Don’t expect this to make any headlines.


Related… It looks like the democrats are likely behind an anti-tea party website.

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